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~Isabelle ~sixteen ~Salisbury, South of England
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“work hard, play harder”
Quiet Place
Anonymous: He's gorgeous, so are you, you're such a cute couple!!

He is very, we are super cute but don’t tell people because being self aware of how cute you are isn’t cute 🌸

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This is MY tail.

a dog wearing a dolphin nose mask
Anonymous: Is that your boyfriend in your phot section?XX

it most certainly is, lucky for me x

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Don’t tell me what to do unless we’re in bed together

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❝You should not
have to rip yourself
into pieces to keep
others whole.
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in the game of urls you win or you hyphen

you’re telling me mate

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Anonymous: Do you have a crush on anybody right now?

I most certainly doo, that would be my boyfriend pal :)

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